I tried this Pamela Reif 10-minute ab workout — and it blasted my core

If you’re looking for a 10-minute ab workout, Pamela Reif is your girl. With over 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Reif is an efficient trainer — she gets straight into the workout, and performs the exercises in real time, making it easy to follow along. Can you torch your core in 10 minutes? I unrolled my yoga mat to find out more. 

As a fitness editor, I’m no stranger to Reif’s workouts. In fact, you can read what happened when I tried her famous six-minute ab workout with over 21 million views here. I’m a fan of how short and snappy Reif’s workouts are — they sculpt into your core without you needing to spend hours in the gym, plus, you can fit them in on your lunch break.

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