I just tried the protein shake Chris Hemsworth had on the Thor set — and it’s actually good

Ever wondered what Chris Hemsworth’s go-to protein shake is? If the answer to this awfully specific question is yes, you’re in luck — we asked Hemsworth’s PT, Luke Zocchi for the smoothie that built Thor’s muscles, and he delivered. 

When it comes to building serious muscle like Hemsworth did for Thor: Love and Thunder, calorie intake is important. As well as training hard in the gym, Hemsworth had to eat well to ensure he was in a calorie surplus — key if you’re trying to bulk up. His trainer Zocchi said when the real-life superhero was ‘tired of eating’, his go-to was a simple smoothie. In fact, Zocchi would make two or three of these smoothies a day for Chris, and they’d be a staple of his post-workout routine. Talking of workouts, here’s the exact resistance band workout Chris Hemsworth used on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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