I just ran 10 miles with the Apple Watch Ultra — and this feature is a game changer

The Apple Watch Ultra is here, and it’s Apple’s biggest and best adventure watch yet. It’s designed to be “rugged and capable” — built for marathon runners, divers, and those awe-inspiring folk who take on an ironman. With up to 60 hours of battery life, a huge 49mm design, and the Action Button we’ve all been waiting for, I was excited to put it to the test. 

After I unboxed the Ultra on a rainy Friday morning and set it up, I set out on a ten-mile test run to see how the watch performed, as the first part of my Apple Watch Ultra review. Would Apple’s battery claims stand true, and what about the new workout features, designed to make the watch a competitor to the likes of the Garmin Fenix 7? Read on to find out which feature surprised me the most. 

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