I just killed cable — here’s how much I saved and my new replacement

I felt like a dinosaur holding onto cable TV into 2022, especially since I’m supposed to be a tech savvy editor. But it recently took two things for me to kill cable forever and embrace one of the best cable TV alternatives

  1. I had just added a seventh streaming service to our monthly bill — this time it was Hulu. 
  2. I calculated how much I was paying per month for cable as prices for everything else has skyrocketed

As someone who was already subscribing to Netflix ($19.99 for 4K Premium), Prime Video ($139 per year as part of Prime), Disney Plus ($7.99), Apple TV Plus ($4.99), Peacock $4.99, and Paramount Plus ($4.99), adding Hulu to the mix at $12.99 seemed steep considering I was already paying for cable. But I was really curious to check out Only Murders in the Building in time for season 2 (spoiler alert: it’s great). 

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