I finally got into For All Mankind, and I’m annoyed I waited this long

I didn’t really “get” For All Mankind back when Apple TV Plus started. One of Apple’s four original shows (next to Dickinson, See and The Morning Show), the pilot episode had — to pardon the astronaut pun — a failure to launch for me. Little did I know that it would be one of my favorite shows on TV.

And for a bit of context, I’ll say that For All Mankind had a bit of an uphill climb for me. History has always been my weakest subject, dating back to high school. So, when word came that Apple teamed with Battlestar Galactica reboot mastermind Ronald D. Moore? Well, I wasn’t that keyed in (unlike my colleague who had the pre-existing interest and also loved FAM after a late start). All I knew was that it was cool that the first episode had Chris Bauer (who I knew as Frank Sobotka from The Wire) as NASA administrator Deke Slayton.

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