I did 50 Russian twists every day for a week — here’s what happened

The Russian twist is a dynamic exercise that works all the muscles of your core and is especially good for targeting the obliques (the muscles on the side of the core) and the deep core (transverse abdominis). All the exercises in this series of week-long challenges call for good form to get the most benefit, but with this one, it’s crucial to set yourself correctly, maintain your position and not move too quickly — do this and you will reap the greatest rewards. You will also feel a serious burn but in a good way. 

It’s an adaptable move, so if you want you can bring your legs and hips to the workout party. They won’t thank you, initially, but eventually, they will see the light. You can do it with or without weight (check out the best adjustable dumbbells for working out at home here) or medicine ball, depending on your existing core strength. If you are a beginner, take care and start with no weight. If you have lower back weakness, it’s best to avoid this exercise until you have built up strength in that area with moves such as the superman (here’s what happened when I did the superman exercise for a week), which put less stress on the lumbar area; as well as other exercises such as the bird dog (here’s how to do a bird dog, and what happened when I did bird dogs every day for a week) and the plank, and its variations.

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