I did 100 toe taps a day for a week — here’s what happened

When building a solid core, I’ll try just about anything. From doing 100 dead bugs a day for a week, to holding a minute-long plank every morning, I’m no stranger to a weird and wonderful ab workout. Far from just being an aesthetic goal, as a runner, a strong core is essential when it comes to running stronger and faster. With that in mind, I embarked on my next challenge — Pilates toe taps. 

A classic Pilates exercise, toe taps look pretty easy, but are a brilliant exercise when it comes to working your core. The move targets the rectus abdominis — the outer abdominal muscle that sits on the front of the body and is responsible for a visible ‘six pack’, as well as the transverse abdominis, which is the deepest abdominal muscle. When done with the correct form, this exercise can also work your obliques and hips. But what would doing 100 toe taps a day for a week do to my abs? Read on to find out more. 

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