How to store a lawn mower and protect it through the winter

Our trusted mowers have been hard at work this summer, but you’ll need to know how to store a lawn mower to protect it through the winter. Once you’ve read our guide on when to stop mowing your lawn for the winter, it will certainly deserve a good rest this season.

And while it may seem easy to just shove the lawn mower to the back of the shed until next year, there are some things you need to do first before storing. In fact, not preparing or storing properly is one of the most common lawn mower mistakes we all tend to make. Not only will learning how to store a lawn mower protect it from rain and rust, it will also ensure yours stays in top shape for its spring and summer duties. This is especially important if you also want to know how to make your grass greener, or how to stripe your lawn for the best-looking backyard in the neighborhood.

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