How to rent an electric car — everything you need to know

Are you considering renting a car the next time you go on vacation? Well don’t feel obliged to borrow a gas-guzzler for the duration of your stay as going electric is becoming an increasingly viable option.

Renting an electric car for a trip may not have all the same long-term benefits as buying your own EV, true, but there are still benefits. Like not paying for gasoline, or having more interior space. Rental companies are offering more and more electric options, so here’s how you can rent an electric car next time you go on vacation.

Which rental companies carry electric cars? 

Tesla Model Y parked outside

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Electric cars are no longer the niche machines they once were. For that reason the majority of the big car rental firms in the United States have some kind of electrified fleet. 

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