How to disable automatic Multi View on a Samsung TV

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to disable automatic Multi View on a Samsung TV, you’ve likely found yourself a little annoyed at the shiny new Neo QLED TV you picked up in Black Friday deals. I’ve been there too, friend.

See, while Samsung make some of the best TVs around, they aren’t flawless, and like any other tech product they have quirks and features that can be super frustrating. Automatic Multi View is one of those.

Multi View, Samsung’s split screen feature which allows two things to play at once, isn’t in itself a problem. In fact, it can be really useful, especially on a large TV, allowing you to stream a movie with your family while also keeping an eye on the football scores. The problem, though, is that your Samsung TV will probably come with the Autorun Multi View feature turned on by default. What this means is that whenever you mirror your phone screen or cast something to your TV, Multi View runs automatically, whether you wanted that to happen or not. 

A screenshot of a Samsung TV running Multi View, with the Tom's Guide YouTube video running alongside a BBC program

I only wanted the Tom’s Guide YouTube! (Image credit: Future)

You’ll then find yourself with two screens playing simultaneously when you only wanted one, leaving you fumbling around trying to switch screens and close the correct one (which, in my experience is a hassle — Samsung’s TV OS isn’t exactly smooth). It’s incredibly annoying when it happens all the time, especially if like me you frequently cast to your TV. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn off, and this guide is here to show you how.

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