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Homeworld Mobile is actually out after years of betas and testing

Gearbox Publishing’s highly anticipated Homeworld Mobile port is finally out. After years of waiting for the mobile conversion to become playable outside certain regions, we can now all enjoy this brilliant RTS.

Play Homeworld Mobile on Android

Homeworld Mobile, announced in 2019, is a massive conversion from the PC series to mobile. A brand new strategy MMO, this hulking RTS has literally been years in the making.

Nevertheless, it’s finally here on mobile, and we’re incredibly excited. After the Kieth Clan left the Homeworld to visit the Nimbus Galaxy, explore this new land never seen before in the sci-fi universe.

After a long test period, you can play the game in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany. Plus, the game is slowly being added to even more regions!

In the game, you control a fleet of different spaceships in real-time PvP battles. As you grow, so good your fleet as you explore the galaxy and take on massive threats. It’s pretty unique as far as mobile MMOs go.

In addition to the standard single player missions, you can also participate in multiplayer missions. Homeworld Mobile has massive PvE multiplayer battles to take part in.

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Early Tester Rewards

If you were an early participant in the Homeworld Mobile testing period, you’ll get some extra goodies. As part of taking the game from early development to release, beta testers will be rewarded in-game.

Beta testers will receive all in-game purchases they had before the game’s release. In addition, they will receive a small token of gratitude in their in-game mailbox.

If you want to give Homeworld Mobile a try, you can download it now. Follow this on Android clutch to the Google Play Store and download it!

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