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Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • In the Settings menu, go to Clear Browsing Data and clear all the data from your phone.
  • Make sure you have a backup of your credentials or you might need to reset a few passwords before gaining access to your mail and other websites.
  • Make sure that you delete all the Cookies from your browsing history to get the full data scrubbing benefit.

Is your iPhone feeling a little sluggish? It could also be heating up more than usual without extensive usage or playing games for hours that drains the battery and heats the phone up. There could be a variety of reasons for your phone feeling sluggish or not as fast and prompt anymore. If app to app movement is slow, then there are few things you should do right away rather than spend money on a new device to get the swift movements that we covet back to your fingertips and will save you money in what would otherwise be an upgraded device.

You need to clear the cache from your device. When you visit a website, your mobile device downloads data like photographs, banners, cover pictures, other data. Some browsers store the data for faster load times the next time you visit the website. Now this is great for frequently visited websites but it can take a toll on storage and being in a highly visited category, but it becomes a hassle to keep outdated data when website refresh their look or alter images and change elements making the old data obsolete and unnecessarily slowing your device down.

It doesn’t happen quickly but as per your usage and as the website keep updating their links periodically to keep their users entertained, the little bytes of data can pile up to become a huge mess. By clearing your cache, you will be signed out of your frequently visited websites. But that little inconvenience is still worth it when you check how slightly but surely your mobile device is running smoother, drains battery slower and also feels great.

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