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Here’s how to watch the Season 2 finale of Epic Seven Global Creator Invitational this weekend

Smilegate Megaport has revealed that Season 2 of Epic Seven Global Creator Invitational is ending this weekend.

The final will be streamed live on Sunday 18 December at 03:00. You will be able to view it YouTube or Twitch.

For the uninitiated, Epic Seven is a visually spectacular mobile turn-based RPG in which you must summon powerful heroes and push them into tactical battles against AI enemies and other players.

The Global Creator Invitational Season 2 is a four-day event over two weekends. It started with the first quarter-final on December 10 and continues with a semi-final on Saturday, December 17.

The winners of those matches will compete against each other on Sunday for a chance to win the grand prize of 80,000 Skystone.

But it won’t be easy. There will be as many as eight pre-bans in the semifinals and 12 in the finals with two starting in the first round of fights. This will have a radical impact on how teams use different strategies.

In the meantime, the whole will be broadcast in four languages, so a large number of fans can participate. Those languages ​​are English, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

The Global Creator Invitational Season 2 pits 32 Epic Seven content creators against each other in eight teams in real-time arena battles.

This time around, the field is even bigger than before, with players from the US, Portugal, Korea, Taiwan and Japan all taking part.

Team leaders were able to select their teams without region or language restrictions, leading to a much more international competition.

Not only will this weekend’s matches be streamed live, but you can also tune into a variety of other events, including an Epic Match Prediction and Twitch Drops.

You can keep up to date with the Global Creator Invitational website.
Tune in to the Official Global Creator Invitational Season 2 Finale YouTube and Twitch this weekend.

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