HBO Max is 40% off for a whole year —and it’s not just for new subscribers

The best streaming services regularly offer promotions and discounts to attract new subscribers, and this week has seen a flurry of new deals. First we had a month of Disney Plus for $2 to mark Disney Plus Day, and now a year of HBO Max has been marked down to a very tempting price. 

For a limited time, you can score a year of HBO MAX (ad-free) on sale for $104 (opens in new tab) or a year of HBO Max (with ads) on sale for $69 (opens in new tab) via HBO. That’s a sizable saving considering these plans usually cost $149 and $99 respectively. This deal runs until October 30, and even better neither is exclusive to new subscribers. If you’ve had a HBO Max subscription in the past you are also eligible, which isn’t always the case with streaming service deals. 

We currently rank HBO Max as the best streaming service you can sign up to, that’s because it offers a near unbeatable collection of binge-worthy TV shows including current hits like House of the Dragon and Succession to classic favorites like every season of The Wire and The Sopranos (that’s assuming She-Hulk didn’t just ruin the show for you with its massive spoiler in episode 4). HBO Max also offers a large selection of Warner Bros. movies alongside content aimed at younger audiences. 

We may be in between major sales events with Labor Day sales now behind us, but there are still plenty of streaming deals out there beyond offers on Disney Plus and HBO Max. Right now you can get Peacock Premium for just $2 a month (opens in new tab) for a whole year, and a streaming bundle featuring Paramount Plus and Showtime for just $3 a month (opens in new tab), which is cheaper than the usual price of the former on its own. Now is definitely a good time to be looking to sign up for a new streaming service. 

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