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Guardian Tales leaves mobile exclusivity for PC release

The mobile-only gacha game Guardian Tales leaves the portable world for new pastures. In a surprising move, the addictive mobile game comes to PC for the first time.

This isn’t the only time a mobile title has moved away from PC exclusivity. In fact, the game Counterside was recently released on computers for the first time. But what about Guardian Tales?

Is Guardian Tales coming to PC?

As posted on reddit, the gacha title Guardian Tales is getting a PC version. However, it’s not exactly the full PC port that many had hoped for. Instead, the cute gacha title is getting a workaround.

Guardian Tales PC is released only because of Google Play Games PC. This is a compatibility layer that allows Android games to be played on Windows computers. However, it is not a substitute for a full port.

Guardian Tales will be part of the upcoming Google Play Gams PC beta. This means that the game is one of the first Android games to be brought to the PC in this way. Are you excited to try it out?

“[We are] in the final stages of release for Google Play Games, and is in the process of technical coordination with Google,” said developer Kong Studios. “We will do our best to make it possible for knights to play [the game] via Google Play Games as soon as possible.”

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More PC releases in the future

There will no doubt be a big wave of mobile games coming to PC in the future. With the next generation of PC software, companies like Microsoft are working to make Android software compatible with Windows.

This is a direct competition with Apple. Since Apple makes iOS apps usable on macOS, Microsoft wants to do the same, but for Android software. It’s a decent compromise.

Of course, that means fewer exclusive launches on mobile. However, this is at a time when massive mobile games like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, Lost Light and more are already coming to PC.

We don’t mind this cross-platform launch itself. After all, more platforms means more players, which should lead to more games and content on Android. That can’t hurt! Right?

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