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Grimlight maintenance infuriates fans with over 24 hours of downtime

EIGHT STUDIO’s hulking gacha game Grimlight transports players to an anime world inspired by classic fairy tales. Well, for those who can actually play the game, at least. It turns out that the long-awaited launch of the gacha is complicated by Grimlight maintenance, which takes more than a day.

Grimlight maintenance is still ongoing

Grimlight is still stuck in a cycle of downtime a day after its launch on Android and iOS. Since its release, players around the world have been unable to play the fairytale gacha game. Despite multiple updates from the developer, it appears that players still have some time before the game runs smoothly.

In an update from the developers on Discord, EIGHT STUDIO explained that they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of players. Although there were quite a few pre-registrations, the developers did not expect such a large number of players on launch day.

“I want to apologize to everyone for the poor opening launch for Grimlight,” the developers said in a statement. “Due to our apparent lack of preparation and operational capabilities, it had caused significant server issues, leading to frustration and bugs for everyone. There is no excuse for our mistakes and our team is very sorry.”

Grimlight maintenance ended for a spot earlier this morning. In the end, however, maintenance in Asian areas was resumed after just a few hours. Right now, fans are wondering if the game will ever actually be playable.

Furious fans speak out

After more than 24 hours of Grimlight maintenance, fans are outraged. With fans trying to get into the game for a day at a time, many are convinced that the game will never end its downtime. Some even assume that the downtime will continue until the game shuts down.

Despite fighting to get the game started, fans are incredibly disappointed. One fan went so far as to say that Grimlight has “the worst launch in history” due to the game’s overwhelming bugs when you can actually get into it.

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