Google Pixel Watch bezels suddenly shrink in new official video

The Google Pixel Watch is exciting enough as the first Pixel-branded smartwatch. But now the design’s become a new source of intrigue, because it seems to have seen a subtle update between its latest appearance and its previous one.

This all begins with the Pixel Watch teaser on the Google Taiwan YouTube page (opens in new tab). Google released a Pixel Watch teaser on its main channel last week, and both videos initially look like identical copies, showing off the Pixel Watch’s design in detail with the same angles and watch faces. However, if you watch the two side-by side, the display on the Google Taiwan video seems to have become larger (via DroidLife (opens in new tab) and u/chelowski on Reddit’s r/Android subreddit (opens in new tab)).

Here’s a comparison of screenshots from both videos (the older video on the left-hand side and the newer one on the right). The angle of the virtual light source seems to have changed a bit. But even accounting for that, the watch face definitely takes up more room in the newer video, and the watch face elements have seemingly been expanded accordingly.

Two screenshots of the Google Pixel Watch overlaid, showing how the watchface shown in the original video (left) is smaller than the one in the newer Google Taiwan video

(Image credit: Future)

One criticism leveled at the Pixel Watch since the first video was that the bezels on its curved screen look particularly large compared to the best Android smartwatches already available, making it look outdated before it’s even arrived. It seems that someone was listening to that point of contention, and tweaked the renders accordingly.

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