Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones now have one of the best secret iPhone features

After spending some time trying the Google Pixel 7 Pro, I happened to stumble across a feature that was previously confined to the best iPhones: the Back Tap (or Quick Tap in Pixel-ese) gesture. As much as I like the Pixel 7 Pro’s headline new features — whether we’re talking about the camera’s macro mode, Photo Unblur or Guided Frame — it’s Quick Tap that’s delighted me the most.

In Google’s case, Quick Tap allows you to activate a feature or open an app. For example, I like to use the same double-tap on my iPhone (a feature around since iOS 14) to pull down the notifications shade, preventing the need to swipe down from the top of the screen when I need to see my incoming alerts. iPhones go one step further by allowing you to set a triple-tap gesture too, which I use to pull down the Control Center menu.

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