Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Which navigation app is best?

Should you use Google Maps or Apple Maps? That’s the question every iPhone owner needs to ask themselves at some point. Google may have claimed the mobile navigation crown early on, but Apple Maps has been on the warpath for years. And with the convenience of being pre-installed on all iPhones, it can offer some serious competition.

Deciding between the two isn’t easy. Google Maps and Apple Maps offer a lot of the same things these days, and picking the better option can be a little tricky. So to answer that question we’re pitting Google Maps vs Apple Maps to help you figure out which app is right for you.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Availability

Like most Apple services, Apple Maps is exclusive to the company’s own line of products. They don’t call it a walled garden for nothing. That means anyone not using an iPhone, Mac, or some other Apple-made device has zero way of accessing it.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Map of Europe

Left: Google Maps; Right: Apple Maps (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Google Maps is the complete opposite, and is available in some form on just about every device out there. Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, even Apple’s CarPlay. Should you ever find yourself with a new device and in need of directions, your existing familiarity with Google Maps is going to serve you well. Logging in with your Google account also automatically syncs all your data, including journey history and favorite locations.

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