Google Chrome is getting a key upgrade to speed up performance — here’s how it works

There are few constants in the universe, but one of them is that Chrome loves eating computer memory. Given half the chance Google’s browser will devour your available RAM, slowing your machine down and draining your battery in the process. Fortunately Google may have found a way to help alleviate the problem.

Sure, we’ve heard Google make those sorts of promises countless times in the past, and Chrome remains as ravenous as ever. But this time we’re hoping it actually works, thanks to a feature that may be coming our way: A system that automatically snoozes inactive tabs.

This feature was spotted in Chrome’s Canary build by Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 (opens in new tab) (via Android Police (opens in new tab)). The Memory Saver feature, as it’s referred to, comes as part of the new Performance page in the settings menu. Once active it will force inactive tabs to hibernate and “frees up your computer’s resources for other tasks and keeps Chrome speedy.”

google chrome memory saver feature

(Image credit: u/Leopeva64-2 / Reddit)

Inactive tabs “appear empty” according to the build, but will automatically load when you click to open them. If this sounds familiar it’s because there are Chrome extensions that can do this already. It seems Google has taken that same principle and worked it into the browser.

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