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Goddess of Victory microtransaction pricing is obscene, fans say

Gacha games are a curious beast. While some offer brilliant experiences – Neko Golf all the way, honey – others are marred by blatant earnings. It seems that the new gacha Nikke: Goddess of Victory is among the latter.

After months of hype, the new third-person shooter idle game has launched on mobile with a bang. However, fans of the gacha mechanics are unhappy with how much the game draws players to the store.

Despite the fact that Nikke: Goddess of Victory has been in development for years, it has many problems with its western launch. In addition to a wildly long initial load, the mobile game suffers from annoying gameplay and gacha systems that force you to re-roll if you want something good.

On the GachaGaming subreddit, fans of the game have complained about monetization of the game. In a popular post, a self-proclaimed gacha whale (someone who spends money on gacha games) explained why Nikke is worse than other gachas.

The Redditor claimed that Nikke “store prices are crazy”. They said: “I am [a] Genshin Whale… I don’t mind spending money on other games, but Jesus those prizes. It is twice as expensive as Genshin!”

At the time of writing, Nikke: Goddess of Victory charges about $80 for twenty pulls of the gacha. Furthermore, the game has a separate battle pass of $25 dollars, which fans are not happy about.

“The retail prices are ridiculous,” said one player. “And don’t get me started on a $25 battle pass with” [just a] discolor the skin as a last reward.”

Since its release, fans have noticed that the only thing good for the game is the over-sexualization of the anime girl characters. For gamers who like that kind of game, Nikke offers it in spades.

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