God of War Ragnarök’s Odin looms large over the game

God of War Ragnarök is nearly here, and gamers are in for a treat. In our God of War Ragnarök review, we gave the game 4.5 out of five stars and an Editor’s Choice award, while claiming that the experience was “worthy of the gods.” And, if you know anything about Norse mythology, then you won’t be surprised to learn that one of those gods is Odin, the All-Father.

Odin didn’t appear in God of War (2018), but he played a big role in the story nonetheless. As the father of Baldur, husband of Freya and torturer of Mimir, Odin casts a long shadow over God of War Ragnarök. If you want to learn more about this iconic mythological figure before the game comes out, here’s what we know about Odin from the first game — and from Norse myth.

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