God of War Ragnarök review: Worthy of the gods

God of War Ragnarök review: Specs

Platforms: PS4, PS5 (reviewed)
Price: $60 (PS4), $70 (PS5)
Release Date: November 9, 2022
Genre: Action/adventure

A sense of finality permeates God of War Ragnarök. This is fitting, considering how Ragnarök signals the end of the Old Norse gods. From the game’s harrowing intro all the way to its gripping climax, you’re aware of the inevitable end, which gives every action you take increased importance. This elevates God of War Ragnarök from being a simple action game into something more poignant.

Beyond the game itself, God of War Ragnarök is also essentially the unofficial end of the PS4 generation. Though the PS5 version contains features such as 4K resolution, haptic feedback, 3D audio and improved performance, this is very much a PS4 game at its core. That doesn’t mar the overall experience, but it’s difficult to forget that you’re still playing a last-gen game. But if this is, indeed, the last first-party, cross-gen title that we see from Sony, then it’s a hell of a sendoff for the successful PS4.

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