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Genshin Impact CBT Leak Reveals Early Development of Undisclosed Regions

MiHoYo’s beloved Genshin Impact is one of the greatest games on mobile. Over time, the game’s massive map has evolved in a myriad of different ways. Thanks to leaker Lumie, an early Genshin Impact CBT leak showed how the game’s map was originally designed.

Lumie’s Genshin Impact CBT Leak

Through Lumie, an old map of Teyvat reveals plans for all seven regions of the game. The leak, made in January 2021, consists of unfinished work and a litany of notes from developers from the previous year.

The Genshin Impact CBT leak contains content from the very first closed beta test. While some of the features of the map are similar, there are huge, profound differences from the current state of the game.

For example, Dragonspine is near Sumeru and most of Inazuma is different. Furthermore, the map reveals very early versions of regions not yet in the game. However, they will be added in the future.

The map shows that Fontaine will be connected to the river of Liyue. Furthermore, the undisclosed Natlan region will contain a large volcano; Mondstadt should also become much larger over time.

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How much will this change?

There’s no telling how many of these early versions of Genshin’s regions will be part of the final game. (Well, part of the updated game.) It’s still interesting to see how much of the game’s map was planned before the launch version, though.

Making a huge game like Genshin requires a lot of iteration over time. Competitors such as Noah’s Heart and Tower of Fantasy are likely to have very similar design documents during their development.

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