GeForce Now Mobile finally adds touch controls; only for some weird games

Cloud gaming is quickly becoming the new trend for businesses and Nvidia’s GeForce Now is one of the key options. However, Nvidia’s offering lags behind alternatives like Xbox Game Pass in one big way: the complete lack of touch controls.

In a new update, Nvidia has finally addressed that issue and brought touch controls to the service. Unfortunately, it’s a mediocre effort not worth celebrating.

Which Nvidia GeForce Now games have touch controls?

For the first wave of touch-enabled games, Nvidia has only added touchscreen functionality to a small number of titles. In the disappointing move, a minuscule number of just 13 games can be played with touch.

In addition, Nvidia’s touch control is divided between mobile and tablet. All thirteen games are available to play on a large screen tablet. However, only a few games are available to play on a mobile screen. Those games are as follows:

Available on mobile phones and tablets

  • Trine 2: Complete story
  • Kill the spire
  • Dota Underlords
  • in the breach
  • Papers, please
  • Tabletop Simulator

Exclusively for tablets

  • March of Empires
  • Door Kickers
  • Bridge Builder Portal
  • Shadowrun returns
  • monster train
  • Talisman: digital edition
  • Magic: The Collector’s Arena

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Games with mobile ports already?

Oddly enough, a large number of games that have been given touch controls are games that already have mobile ports. Instead of touch support for titles you don’t see on Android, Nvidia is just giving us a new way to play them.

Titles like Papers, Please and Into the Breach have full mobile ports, the latter available in a Netflix subscription. Strangely, Magic the Gathering: Arena only has touch controls on tablets with Nvidia GeForce Now. This is despite the game having a fully functioning mobile port that works on smartphones. In fact, it’s one of the best mobile card games out there.

It’s a really weird situation, and one we really don’t like. However, we can’t blame Nvidia for at least trying to give us more ways to play on mobile, even if those ways are comically stupid.

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