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Fully Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile Revealed as TABS Mobile

The wobbly, crazy world of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is finally coming to mobile! After years of waiting, the PC and console game makes its mobile debut thanks to publisher TapTap. However, fans have big concerns.

TABS Mobile finally announced

Revealed during TapTap’s annual “TapTap Presents” showcaseTABS Mobile allows you to create massive battles with crazy physics. Essentially, you play with a sentient toy box, creating scenarios and watching two armies take out each other.

The developers have allayed fans’ initial fears by revealing that TABS Mobile is a premium experience. No pay-to-win, free to start gubbins here; Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile is a true premium release. That should mean clearing a quality bar.

Unfortunately, there will be no cross-platform multiplayer between the mobile and console versions of the game. However, we Droid Gamers can play with gamers of other mobile OS. (Yes, Android and iOS had cross-play.)

Another blow is that it seems that mods are not supported in the same way as the PC version. Rather than letting players do as they see fit, curated mods may appear at some point in the future. At least it’s something!

Will Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile work properly?

With so many physics calculations taking place every second, the game is known for taxing CPUs in massive battles. Of course, with such a huge game on mobile, many are concerned about its performance. However, according to the developers, the performance is solid on mobile devices. They explained:

“It’s true that the performance of mobile hardware is inferior to that of PCs, but in our preliminary tests so far, the performance of the game on mobile was better than we expected and we are going to do a lot of performance optimization so that the mobile version can still support many units at once. We will also release some mobile images along the way. Don’t worry, you’ll see!”

No minimum specifications have been announced yet. However, we expect Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile to work well on most midrange phones.

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