Ford F-150 Lightning review: The American EV

Ford F-150 Lightning: Specs

Release Date: Available Now
Price: Starts at $46,974 (Pro) $59,474 (XLT). Price as tested $82,814
Power: Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
Horsepower: 452 (Standard), 580 (Extended)
Battery Range: 230 (Standard), 300-320 (Extended)
Top Speed: 105 MPH
Smarts: BlueCruise, Sync, Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you haven’t heard yet, the Ford F-series of trucks has been the number one selling vehicle in the United States for decades. America loves its trucks, and especially. Many of those trucks are actually modern workhorses. They’re used by contractors, landscapers, farms, in large fleets, and are an important tool for many small businesses. 

Ford transforming its number one selling vehicle into an EV doesn’t just give the automaker electric-vehicle cred, it’s part of a huge push by the automaker, and others, to electrify the fleet vehicles of the world. For the rest of us, it’s a way to satiate our desire for big American trucks. Going green shouldn’t interrupt our desire to sit above all the people in sedans. 

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