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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Season 3 Adds New Map

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has been bubbling for a long time since it launched, and now it’s been made all the way to season three. The new update adds a lot of goodies for players to sink their teeth and fingers into.

Perhaps the biggest addition is a brand new map. It’s called Midgar Plateside and it’s full of famous FFVII locations. You fight around Mako Reactors and visit Sector 8 and the highway.

There is also a new style in the form of The Machinist, who appears to be wielding a huge hammer and wearing goggles. There’s also a new Water Materia and a powerful rocket launcher. Here’s a trailer.

What else is there? Well, there are a number of new skins, including one of Sephiroth and all of his smooth, beautiful hair. In addition, there is a new skin leveling process that allows you to become more powerful if you have multiple versions of the same skin.

If you want to watch some of this, you can click here to download Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier from the Play Store just this second. It’s free with IAP.

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