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Fallout 2 Android is a dream port I’ve always wanted

There are few games I’ve wanted to mobile more than Fallout 2. With the release of a new fanport, Fallout 2 Android is finally here, and it’s glorious.

How to Play Fallout 2 Android

Fallout 2 Community Edition, created by developer Alex Batalov, is the Android port we’ve always dreamed of. But how do you play the new port?

First off, this is an unofficial port, so you’ll need to install an APK file from the developer’s GitHub. Go here to download the file and then install it on your phone.

After that, you need to extract files from a Windows installation of Fallout 2. Copy the Fallout2 folder to your phone in a folder of your choice. Make sure you have all of the following files: master.dat, critter.dat, patch000.dat, and datamap.

After that, run the Fallout 2 Android app and select the folder where your data is located. Once the game is done copying all the data it needs, it finally starts! It is a miracle!

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How does it play?

The Fallout 2 Android port plays well for what it is, but it’s far from perfect. Obviously, without building the game from scratch for mobile, you’re probably never going to get perfect controls for the game, but it still works pretty well for this port.

The controls are very picky at the moment. In the current version, use your finger to move the mouse cursor. Double tap the screen will left click; tapping three times produces a right click. It’s intuitive, but much trickier than just tapping what you want to do.

Still, this is one of the best ways to play Fallout 2 on mobile. Other than this, there is DoSBox or Exagear, but neither is perfect. There’s also streaming via Steam Link, but that’s rough too.

In the future, the controls may be changed for a better experience. As it stands, this is currently the best version of Fallout 2 we have on mobile.

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