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Expected MMORPG R2M Launches in Select Regions

After an eventful pre-registration campaign, R2M is finally available for download in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Developed by Webzen Redcore, R2M is the highly anticipated mobile spin-off of PC MMORPG R2 (Reign of Revolution). That means arriving with 16 years of established knowledge and a player base of over 730,000.

In terms of gameplay, R2M sees you pick a character, engage in large-scale PvP battles, and do all the other great things you’d expect in a top-tier RPG.

Webzen would like to emphasize that R2M has many of the PC game’s most distinctive features. It has Spots and Sieges, over 37 Servants to summon, 132 different character skins, and plenty of slick battle animations.

Classic Character Types

There are now four playable characters, including Knight, Archer, Mage and Assassin.

As you would expect, the knight is strong and robust with a powerful melee attack, the archer can take out enemies from afar, the mage is a balanced fighter and the assassin is stealthy and agile.

Webzen conveniently showed them all in the official R2M launch video.

If you’re not sure if R2M is a big deal, consider this. In the three days leading up to the game’s South Korean launch, it managed to collect more than 1 million pre-registrations.

After its launch, meanwhile, it quickly reached 1.2 million registered players, placing it firmly in the top three of the Google Top Gross Chart.

On the occasion of the official launch of R2M in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Webzen is organizing several events. These include a daily login bonus, level rewards, bug reports and survey rewards, and a giveaway of various in-game items.

In addition, Webzen works together with the digital payment platform MyCard. When you top up your MyCard points you will receive extra points and a lot of in-game rewards.

To get started, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download R2M now for free.

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