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Exclusive Game for Monster Hunter Mobile in Development at TiMi

Capcom’s beloved Monster Hunter franchise enters its first mobile-only title. In partnership with TiMi, the Monster Hunter Mobile game will be the first title designed exclusively for touchscreen devices.

Monster Hunter has previously made the jump to smartphones. The series’ spin-off Monster Hunter Stories games have been popular on smartphones for the past two years.

However, this new title is primarily intended for phones. In collaboration with Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty: mobile studio TiMi, the title promises a lot.

A press release for the game states that this will be a unique experience on mobile. This means Monster Hunter Mobile can take some liberties with the franchise’s classic gameplay loop.

We can imagine the title becoming more of an MMO. After all, multiplayer has always been central to the series. But as mobile multiplayer games are more popular, they could bring more MMORPG elements into the title.

We can also imagine that a lot of attention will be paid to cosmetic customization. Hopefully this doesn’t take away from the hunting and crafting gameplay loop of the series.

Capcom on mobile

Capcom’s mobile push has been wild lately. The Japanese developer has never focused much on the franchise; usually it just allows its IPs to shine in crossovers. We hope this is the start of another mobile push.

Monster Hunter is a huge franchise for the developer. In the past generation, the series has seen a resurgence. Since Monster Hunter World in 2016, Capcom has released a significant number of new games.

Unfortunately, only the Stories subseries has seen a mobile release. However, with the new title of TiMi, the franchise is getting a new lease of life on smartphones and tablets.

Are you excited about Monster Hunter Mobile? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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