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Epic Seven E-Sports Competition, 2022 E7WC ends on a climax

In recent months, star players of the popular game epic seven have competed to see who will be crowned champions.

The final stages started on August 21, before the final itself on August 28. There was a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs, with the winner taking home a cool $50,000 and the glory. The runner-up walked away with $20,000.

Smilegate Megaport, the company behind Epic Seven, went out of their way to make the finale a showcase event. In addition to hosting the finale, they also introduced a new broadcast system, based on extended reality and augmented reality technologies, to enhance the viewer experience.

in addition to the E7WC Finally, Smilegate Megaport made a number of announcements around the game’s 4th anniversary. This included revealing new update content for players to look forward to.

New content

The video released during the Finals Livestream specifically referenced three major updates: Moonlight Theater, Grace of Growth, and Background Battling.

Moonlight Theater introduces the origin stories of a variety of Epic Seven Moonlight Heroes. Each Moonlight Theater focuses on a different hero, and players who complete these stories can earn Mystic Medal rewards.

Grace of Growth allows players to grow their hero faster. Unlocking each of the four stages accelerates this growth.

And with Background Battles, players can assign repetitive battles to their pets for things like Hunts, Adventure, and Spirit Alter as they go out and experience other parts of the game.

Fan Engagement

The finals of the Epic Seven World Championship seem to have gone extremely well, also revealing a variety of player-created video content and fan art.

Jae-Hoon Jung, department head at Smilegate Megaport said: “We would like to sincerely thank Epic Seven players around the world for their great support and interest in E7WC right through to the end”.

And now that E7WC is over, fans will be eagerly awaiting all that new content.

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