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Dragonspire is an ‘anime Hades’ mobile roguelite

The beautiful roguelite video game Hades unfortunately did not come to mobile. However, game developer Starmi plans to release its anime alternative, Dragonspire, on phones later this year.

This new anime roguelite is a joint mobile and PC title and is heavily inspired by the popular indie game. But will it be anywhere near as good?

Is Dragonspire anime Hades?

Like Hades, Dragonspire puts you in a collection of procedurally generated dungeons where you can fight off enemy hordes. As you fight through the horde, you’ll encounter massive bosses looking to end your cutthroat run.

As with any roguelite, you are expected to try again and again and get more powerful with each attempt. Sure, you may have died from the same boss, but you may have unlocked a new power that you haven’t seen before.

Starmi explains that there will be a collection of playable heroes to choose from. Plus, you can fight through dungeons in a trio of online buddies, increasing your chances of success. Each playable character has their own personality and stats.

In Dragonspire you can unlock magical pets from wonder eggs. If you manage to hatch one of these rare eggs, you’ll get a powerful pet to aid you in your quest. It’s not only convenient, but also cute! (Hopefully.)

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But is it actually like Hades?

Calling yourself “anime Hades” might be a good way to get attention, but maybe that’s a double-edged sword. After all, Hades has been heralded as one of the greatest games of all time, and fans will expect the same.

From our eyes, Starmi’s mobile roguelite is clearly inspired by Hades. However, Hades’ incredible story is what makes it so popular, an aspect where most mobile games fail. Will this game be different?

Time will tell! If you want the best information for this game whenever possible, go to the official game Twitter! At the time of writing, mobile pre-registration is not available. However, you can add the game to your Steam wish list on PC… if you want.

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