Don’t wait for Black Friday — the lululemon Studio smart home gym is now $700 off

The lululemon Studio is one of the best smart home gyms we’ve tested. It packs everything you could want from a smart home gym like a massive library of classes, Apple Watch pairing, and accurate difficulty ratings. If its $1,495 price tag has kept you at bay, lululemon has a surprise in store for you. 

Currently, you can get the lululemon Studio Home Gym for $795 (opens in new tab) via promo code “LLSTUDIO700”. Plus, you also get free shipping. That’s $700 off and the best offer we’ve seen for lululemon’s smart home gym. The promo code can be used on any of the Studio bundles. (Here’s what it’s like to workout with the Studio for a month).

If you’re not familiar with the Studio, it’s essentially lululemon’s take on the smart home gym. It features a 43-inch 1080p LCD, built-in speakers, and Wi-Fi support. It comes with an accompanying app where you can browse through workout classes that include cardio, yoga, weight training, and more. 

In our Studio home gym review, we found it to be a great device for workout enthusiasts who live in small apartments or those who don’t have gyms/workout studios near their home.

There’s a built-in 5MP front-facing camera so you can see your friends during workouts and get live feedback from instructors. (There’s also a privacy cap when you’re not working out). In terms of the workouts, Studio offers hundreds of classes, ranging from 15-minute stretching sessions to hour-long cardio boot camps. You can comb through old on-demand classes or join a live class. A subscription costs $39/month and includes other benefits, such as 10% off lululemon gear, unlimited access to classes held at lululemon’s Experiential store, and 20% off participating partner studios. 

Other Studio packages include accessories like yoga blocks, foam rollers, heart rate monitors, and more. All bundles are $700 off right now. 

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