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Diablo Immortal Downloads Slowly Despite Huge Sales

Blizzard’s massive mobile release of Diablo Imperial is a huge success. As the classic game developer’s debut mobile game, there’s no doubt that it’s made a huge splash online.

However, despite the game’s massive initial success, Blizzard’s behemoth already seems to be slowing down. But is there a reason for this?

A strong launch for Diablo Immortal

In its first month of release, Diablo Immortal managed to amass more than 10 million downloads on Android and iOS. Via Appmagic and Mobilegamerzthe action RPG shattered player numbers from the previous series.

As the report points out, the previous game’s player numbers in the Diablo series were lower than Immortal’s. Diablo 3, released in 2012, had 6.3 million players in its first week. At the end of the month, however, they did not reach 10 million.

Of course, like many other major mobile releases, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play release. This means that there will always be more players who just want to try the game out. Some of them may not even make it out of the tutorial.

In its first month of release, the game has brought Blizzard significant revenue. In just 30 days, more than $49 million was earned by the developers, excluding the Play Store or App Store revenue distribution.

Immortal’s release is significant, but it’s way behind the last major mobile release. Prior to Immortal’s release, Apex Legends Mobile accumulated over 21 million downloads. However, it brought in much less revenue at just $11 million.

Downloads are slowing down

Diablo Immortal may have wrecked mobile app stores at launch, but it looks like its fires are already fading. Despite a strong start, downloads drop significantly.

Data provided by Mobilegamerz shows a steep halfpipe graph of user downloads. From daily copies of more than 1,250,000 downloads, the game now has daily download numbers of approximately 100,000. Those numbers are only getting smaller.

Downloads for the mobile game decrease significantly as time goes on. With blatant microtransactions staining the game and creating hordes of negative press, many are unwilling to try the new Diablo game.

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