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Cult of the Lamb: Specs

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch
Price: $25
Release Date: August 11, 2022
Genre: Roguelite/Simulation

Cult of the Lamb is more than one game. It contains the powers and possibilities of many titles and genres, while learning from their mistakes and avoiding most of their faults. While Cult of the Lamb draws inspiration from games such as The Binding of Isaac and Animal Crossing, it also puts you in a position of power — and gives you the ability to kill anything and anyone to snatch up more of it.This cycle of gaining power is at the heart of Cult of the Lamb’s gooey, hellfire center, and also what makes the game so addictive. 

Cult of the Lamb was an easy game to review, even when things got difficult, simply because I didn’t want to stop playing. Every action connects to the next so smoothly that it’s hard to put the game down, let alone find a reason to do so. Read on for our full Cult of the Lamb review.

Cult of the Lamb review: Gameplay

Cult of the Lamb has two distinctive gameplay types: combat, and management simulation. They’re both fun, and they benefit each other. Every part of gameplay feels meaningful, even if you’re just going fishing.

Cult of the Lamb screen shot

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While at your encampment (called Cult of the Lamb by default, but you can name it anything you want), you’re in charge of a few big tasks that you must manage with care. However, you can choose how sinister or holy your methods are. 

Cult of the Lamb screen shot

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Cult members need sleep and food, which means maintaining living quarters for each little guy, and a big enough garden for consistent meals. You can also get meat and fish while on combat crusades, but more on that later. You’ll also need to make sure every member is praising your name and earning you devotion, a crucial resource needed for helpful upgrades.

Cult of the Lamb screen shot

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There are a few off-duty places for the lamb to blow off steam, including a fishing spot and a place to enjoy friendly gambling with other characters. The fishing mini-game is especially enjoyable. It’s easy but fun, and it helps in meal preparation back at the camp.

Cult of the Lamb screen shot

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At times, I found myself getting so invested in fishing and gardening that I would almost forget about the crusade aspect, even though the combat is incredible. 

Cult of the Lamb review: Combat

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