Celtics vs Heat live stream: How to watch game 7 of NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals online right now

It’s time to watch the final Celtics vs Heat live stream of this season to see if Boston will face the Jimmy Butler who they can beat, or the one who rips off the proverbial glasses to become Superman, as he did in game six. The natural result of trading wins and losses back and forth, Boston and Miami are now 3-3 and the winner of this final NBA playoffs live stream of the conference finals.

But you wouldn’t know Butler won the game by listening to him. Butler, a dictionary-definition of modesty and humility, told the cameras that his game 6 performance was “decent.” And if we talked about a 47-point game as a “decent” day at the office, everyone would scream at us for needing to believe in ourselves more. But, maybe, Butler’s just focused on Sunday, realizing that unless they win game 7, it’s all ending the same way.

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