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Cats & Soup downloads hit 30 million, unleashing awesome rewards

The cute mobile game Cats & Soup is insanely popular. If you thought that the cute kitty gacha game was only fairly popular, you would be wrong.

As it turns out, this is one of the most popular new games of the year. Since its release early this year, the title has been downloaded tens of millions of times.

Cats & Soup can compete with some of the biggest games on mobile and has accumulated over 30 million downloads. If you want to join the trend, you can get it here on the Google Play Store.

According to publisher Neowiz, the cat-themed mobile game has reached this milestone after 11 months of release. In addition, the game adds multiple rewards for players as a thank you for playing the game.

Revealed on the official of the game instagram account, the game’s daily draw now includes over 60 event items to pick from. To participate, just go to the daily draw section of the store and try to get some good draws.

In addition, there is a new login flow bonus for players. If you play now, you’ll get Free Furniture Coins, Cat Tower Decorations, Tickets to the Observatory, and Premium Currency Gems for the next seven days. Everything is given away as a thank you!

This is not the only exciting thing about Cats & Soup. The beloved mobile game also adds a host of new content and the mechanics make sure you enjoy it! While a new cat, Orico, will be added in the future, there are two new facilities that can be used right now.

With the all new Cutting Strawberry function you can prepare strawberry dishes with ease. On the other hand, the new Hop in the Ride facility allows your cats to rest and recover.

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