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Bus Simulator City Ride is a portable outing for the hit series, now play it on mobile

The latest entry in the long-running Bus Simulator series has arrived, opening its doors only to portable passengers.

Bus Simulator City Ride is a slick public transport SIM card for Switch, iOS and Android.

It sees you pick up passengers, drop off and explore the fictional city of Havensburg in a selection of ten licensed buses.

You will drive vehicles from Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Alexander Dennis, Vicinity Motor Corp, Setra, IVECO BUS, Volvo, BYD, Blue Bird and MAN.

Not only that, but you will experience every type of bus. That means double-decker buses, electric vehicles and those bendy buses that fold up in the middle.

As fans of the series would expect, these buses all look just like the real thing. They feature detailed 3D exteriors and accurately modeled cockpits.

Fantasy city trip

Your environment also looks pretty good. Although not a real place, Havensburg resembles several cities in Northern Europe. It also consists of several separate areas.

You will visit the harbor, the old town, the maritime warehouse and the surrounding countryside. As you progress through the story campaign, you will unlock new districts and routes.

The main goal of the gameplay is to expand your public transportation network until it spans the entire city, giving you access to every corner of Havensburg. This means driving like a pro and managing your business like a strategic mastermind.

But Bus Simulator City Ride involves more than just driving and trading. Your passengers will talk to you and share their life stories through a fully voice-activated dialogue. This imbues the whole experience with that all-important human touch.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like listening to passengers chatting as you take them from A to B, you can just cruise around town in sandbox mode.

Anyway, Bus Simulator City Ride looks like a new portion of accessible and authentic public transport-based fun.

Download it now on iOS and Android,

For more information, check out the games facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and disagreement profile, or go to the official site.

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