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Blizzard Unveils Diablo Immortal Accessibility Options

Blizzard is really going all in on the info dump for Diablo Immortal before it launches later this week, and we’re in on it because there isn’t much news about anything else and we need to hit quotas.

Yesterday we told you all about the controllers that the game supports. Today we’ll tell you about the game’s accessibility options. All of this was revealed in a blog post on the game’s site, which you can read in full by clicking here

The main points revolve around the chat systems. These can be converted in a number of different ways – from speech-to-text and text-to-speech, so you don’t miss out on your fellow players yelling at you.

There will also be options for changing the game brightness, moving the buttons when playing on a touchscreen, and binding actions to different buttons when using a controller.

Our favorite option changes the test size, because frankly we’ve had enough of small text in mobile games and our eyes are basically fine. We can only imagine how frustrating it is for visually impaired people.

So there you go, a bunch of accessibility options for Diablo Immortal, which are very important and should be available in all mobile games. Because everyone deserves to play games. The end.

Not quite the end – you can still pre-register for Diablo Immortal on the Play Store by clicking here† The actual ending.

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