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Blackout Rugby is a highly anticipated sports management sim from Blackout Games

Blackout Rugby, from sports management simulation specialist Blackout Games, is now available for mobile and PC.

The studio calls it “the most in-depth rugby team management simulator ever made”. Looking at the blurb, we think they might be right.

As you would expect, Blackout Rugby lets you run a rugby club through training, recruitment, maintenance and a million other management actions, big and small.

What it obviously doesn’t see you doing is playing rugby. Instead, you send your players out to get muddy and bruised as you sit on the sidelines making decisions.

Matches take place in full 3D, with individual avatars for all players. It’s like watching the real thing, but as a coach instead of a mere spectator.

That means you can make decisions based on what’s happening on the pitch and the condition of your team. After all, you never know what will happen on match day, so you have to make tactical adjustments to ensure victory for your team.

But most management takes place off the pitch, and this is where Blackout Rugby really shows its depth.

Basically, you’re juggling everything a real rugby manager has to juggle, and probably a lot more.

Not only do you have to deal with injured players, contract negotiations and demanding sponsors, but you also have to understand the core of the youth academy, the condition of your competitors and the condition of your facilities.

You should even make sure you have studio facilities for press meetings.

Then there is the bread and butter of management, such as training. Of course, this means putting your players to the test, but also targeting specific skills through over 20 different session types.

You can even adjust things like the target player in lineouts, the level of dedication in rucks, and so on.

And because Blackout Rugby is an MMO, you do it all with your friends.

To get started, download Blackout Rugby at Steamthe Play Storeor the App Store.

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