Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases in 2022

Grab one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases, and you can put your mind to rest about scrapes, scratches and other mishaps befalling your brand new Samsung foldable. The top options pack in shock-absorbing technology to stave off any damage, should the Galaxy Z Flip 4 slip out of your hands. And with that phone’s entire design centering around a hinge that allows the handset to open and close — not to mention both an interior display and an outer screen — there’s a lot of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 that’s calling out for added protection.

But the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases do more than just safeguard your phone against unforgiving floors and surfaces. Many feature unique designs that allow you to put your personal stamp on the Galaxy Z Flip. Or, if you prefer to show off the phone’s unique look, you can turn to a clear case that protects your device while showing off Samsung’s flair for foldable design.

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