Best RTX 3050 laptop deals in June 2022

The RTX 3050 is Nvidia’s new entry-level graphics card. It’s a good option if you’re purchasing your first gaming laptop, or want to play some great titles on a budget. We’re still in the depths of a global chip shortage, so getting a laptop with RTX 3050 included is a good way to start gaming without having to resort to buying a GPU from scalpers at an inflated price. (If you go the latter route, make sure to check out our RTX 3050 restock hub). 

Luckily, there are usually lots of great deals available on RTX 3050 laptops if you know where to look. We’ve taken the hassle out of searching and compiled a list of the best RTX 3050 laptop deals currently available, so you can get straight to playing your favorite titles. 

Best RTX 3050 laptop deals available right now

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