Best pruning shears: Tested and rated

The best pruning shears will continue to provide a clean and easy cut, branch after branch. Pruners are every gardener’s tool of choice for light and everyday pruning. Depending on the type you’re using, they’re brilliant for cutting live as well as dead foliage, and they can help make the work a lot easier too. When choosing a new pair of pruning shears, there are several factors to consider. First of all, you want the blades to be sharp and you want them to last as well. Comfort’s also a major factor — you want your pruners to make the work feel easier if you’ve got a lot to cut back. Finally, you’ll want to look out for useful features as well, such as a sap groove or ratchet mechanism. 

If you’re not sure which pruning shears to choose, don’t worry. Farmer Rich, a seventh-generation fruit and vegetable farmer, took on the challenge to test and review 16 of the most popular brands and styles of pruners on the market as he hand-pruned his apple orchard and ornamentals around his property. 

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