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It’s a tale as old as time — you train hard, you eat a well-balanced diet, and you go to bed at a reasonable time, but when it comes to foam rolling, you run a mile. If you’re looking for an alternative way to help your muscles recover, you might be in the market for a massage gun. You know, one of those things that looks like a cordless drill with a tennis ball on the end? That said, the best massage guns on the market are actually far more technical than that. These handheld massagers are used to help reduce muscle soreness and muscle tension through quick pulses of pressure that promote blood flow. 

When using a massage gun, the motorized percussion penetrates into deep muscle tissue so muscles relax after 30 seconds or so of use—often without you having to apply much pressure to the skin. Since many of these best massage guns are hand-held with several attachments, you can give yourself a massage on hard-to-reach areas without having to visit a massage parlor or ask a partner to give you a massage.

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