Best Instant Pot: Every Model Tested

The best Instant Pot will be multi-functional, offer convenience and of course, cook delicious meals. Instant Pot pressure cookers have transformed home cooking with its no-fuss, one-touch operation. Not only does it cook meals at the correct temperature, but offers plenty of functions to quickly rustle up delicious recipes.

But with so many different types of Instant Pot models on the market, there are things to consider before buying. What programs do you regularly use and how often? From pressure and slow cooking, to baking, steaming and sterilizing, there is a preset for everyone. If you prefer fried foods, there ones with a handy air fryer function. Also, consider the size and quart-capacity. If you’re catering for a large family, it’s ideal to buy an 8 quart size, while a 3 quart pot would suit a smaller household.

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