Best golf gloves in 2022

Playing with the best golf gloves will improve any golfer’s game, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Gloves are often overlooked compared to other golf equipment like clubs, the best golf shoes, and balls, but they are a vital piece of kit that belongs in any golf bag. To help you find the best pair for you, we’ve tested and “hand”-picked the most popular golf glove choices from the major brands, ranking them so you can know what’s right for your level of play. 

A good golf glove will give players a secure grip on the club while preventing blisters and calluses, making the game more enjoyable, especially if you hit the green regularly. Additionally, a well-made glove gives a golfer a natural feel for the club, while still protecting the hand. A proper golf grip is deliberately light and free of tension, and most golfers wear one glove on his or her non-dominant hand. Confused? Read our guide on everything you need to know before buying a golf glove.

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