Best baby monitors in 2022: Top-rated baby cams

The best baby monitors easily allow you to make sure your little ones are sleeping soundly at night. What’s more, they have gotten smart – really smart. Ranging from ones with sensors capable of tracking everything from temperature and humidity in a nursery to your child’s breathing, there is a baby monitor to suit every need. More importantly though, we value any monitor that can reliably beam clear video and images from the nursery to wherever you happen to be in your house.

Over the years, we’ve tested a wide variety of devices to find the best baby monitors for new and worried parents. Whether you want high-resolution images sent straight to your smartphone, special features like humidity and temperature sensors, or just a device that delivers a clear and reliable picture for the lowest possible price, there’s a video baby monitor out there that can fit your needs. Here’s a closer look at the many options available to check in on a sleeping child along with which one ranks highest as the best baby monitor.

What are the best baby monitors?

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