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Beat Arena is a unique Rhythm-Action RPG, now available for iOS and Android

Beat Arena, the innovative free-to-play mobile RPG from Agonalea Games, has arrived on Android and iOS after a successful four-month soft launch campaign.

Partly inspired by the breakout game jam hit FNF, Beat Arena is a narrative RPG with rhythm-infused gameplay. It sees you arriving in an unknown land and fighting your way from outsider to knight of the realm.

It is like this. The Queen of Rhythm is under attack by dark forces. These shadowy villains are messing with the harmony of the natural world, and only you can stop them.

Under the tutelage of Roger Wind, a retired Rhythm Knight, you must defeat deadly creatures with names like Bone Dragon, Gorgo, and Necrodancer. There are wizards, mages and even ghost trees, all of which crave your blood.

Fortunately, you have a huge arsenal of weapons, pets and shields at your disposal, including the Mithril Waraxe, the Black Crow and the Haunted Shield.

Each weapon has its own unique rhythm and mastering these rhythms can earn you valuable treasures. It also allows you to become the most powerful Rhythm Knight in history.

Plus. you have a stack of powerful cards like the Demon Slayer and the Angel Helmet. These cards can poison, burn, cripple and generally destroy any monster foolish enough to stand in your way. Those mean assholes don’t stand a chance.

Beat your friends

Beat Arena is not just a single player campaign. There is also an online arena where you can challenge friends and strangers to rhythm-based face-offs. The more people you beat, the higher you climb the leaderboard and the more prizes you win.

There is also room for a little flair. You can equip your knight with custom gear so that you can impress your rivals with both your fashion sense and your raw braking power.

Beat Arena is a totally unique game. It combines rhythm action, RPG storytelling and a range of influences ranging from Dune to Lord of the Rings.

You can watch it now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Keep up with Beat Arena at Instagram and the official website.

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