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Battlefield Mobile Open Beta now starts in these regions

EA has started the open beta of Battlefield Mobile so that everyone can test the brand new mobile FPS. Based on the brilliant PC and console Battlefield series, this handheld shooter is a full-scale military experience in the palm of your hands.

This isn’t the first time the DICE-developed FPS series has come to mobile. In fact, the Bad Company subseries was released on mobile two generations ago.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to this new Battlefield experience. As of now, the Battlefield Mobile open beta is only available in a small number of countries. As usual, most major regions are omitted.

At the time of writing, players from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore will be able to play the open beta. In addition, it is only available on Android devices. (Take that, iPhone users, haha!)

However, if you live in a different region, you can pre-register for the FPS on the Google Play Store. Of course, there are other ways to access it too, if you don’t mind sideloading and using VPNs. (although, according to this) videoyou don’t need to use a VPN if you are in the US.)

In this beta period, the mobile game has a wide variety of modes. In addition to small-scale modes like Rush, BF Mobile has TDM, Conquest, and Warpath. There will be more modes as the game comes out.

In addition, the same class system as the console and PC games returns. You can play as Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon while unlocking a variety of weapons, gadgets and more.

Minimum Requirements for Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile continues to be optimized for a wide variety of devices. However, there is still a list of minimum requirements for the game’s mobile beta.

If you’re concerned that your phone doesn’t meet the requirements, check below. This is what you need to play the game.

  • Android 8.0 or higher
  • Snapdragon 835 or better
  • Exynos 9 (8895) or better
  • Minimum 3 GB RAM
  • Minimum 2 GB storage space
  • 64-bit phones only

There is still no release date when the game will actually be released on mobile. We hope it comes soon!

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